Kate Viimistlus OÜ

General information

Registry code: 16752038
Legal form: Limited-liability company
Registered: 05.06.2023 (0)
Status: Entered into the register
Employee count: 1
E-mail: kristjankyttis@hotmail.com
Address: Lääne maakond, Haapsalu linn, Herjava küla, Tammetõru tee 6

Right of representation

Date of Birth 07.10.1985 (37)
Role Management board member
Start date 05.06.2023 (0)

Beneficial owners

Name Kristjan K.
Manner of exercising control Direct ownership
Start date 05.06.2023 (0)

The data of the beneficial owners are informative

Last published quarter analysis

Monthly average:
Monthly average:

Estonian Tax Board 2023/Q2 quarter report

Paid taxes, taxable turnover and employee count

Period 2023 Q2
National taxes 0 €
Taxes on workforce 0 €
Taxable turnover 0 €
Employee count 1