General information

Registry code: 16621224
VAT: EE102566921
Legal form: Limited-liability company
Registered: 25.11.2022 (0)
Status: Entered into the register
Address: Järva maakond, Paide linn, Paide linn, Suur-Aia tn 27-57

Right of representation

Name Riivo J.
Date of Birth 25.06.1990 (32)
Role Management board member
Start date 25.11.2022 (0)

Last published quarter analysis

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Monthly average:

Estonian Tax Board 2022/Q4 quarter report

Paid taxes, taxable turnover and employee count

Period 2022 Q4
National taxes 0 €
Taxes on workforce 0 €
Taxable turnover 0 €
Employee count 0