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CTRL.ee is a recruitment company located in Estonia,
specialized in international ICT recruitment.
Our mission is to connect the very best IT professionals
to great opportunities worldwide.

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We have developed a vast network of IT professionals in Europe and other countries, and we have experience in recruiting IT-specialists for different positions (e.g. Developers, Engineers, Architects, Managers, Scrum Masters etc.) with specific technical requirements.

In addition to sourcing and technical vetting, our value- added solution includes helping and assisting companies and candidates with documentation and all other current issues that may arise during the recruitment or relocation process.


We also help talented IT professionals to find interesting challenges and develop their career even further. To add your CV to our database, send us your CV to cv@ctrl.ee

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Processing of personal data of job applicants by CTRL OÜ

  1. This notification explains how the processing of personal data of job applicants by CTRL OÜ (hereinafter: CTRL, registry code: 14399543, address at Tartu mnt 63, 10115 Tallinn, e-mail info@ctrl.ee) takes place.
  2. Personal data means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person which express the physical, mental, physiological, economic, cultural or social characteristics, relations and identity of these persons.
  3. CTRL as the chief processor mainly processes the following personal data of job applicants:
    1. personal data enabling the identification of a person such as first name and surname, personal ID code, date of birth, age, sex;
    2. contact details: e-mail address, telephone number, address, skype address;
    3. necessary data for the conduct of recruitment process, including the establishment of suitability for work and data that needs to be forwarded to employers such as data on education, trainings and language skills, also data on work experience.
  4. Personal data processing of applicants takes place mainly based on the applicant’s consent. CTRL assumes the consent of an applicant for personal data processing if the applicant has submitted the necessary data for application. CTRL may also collect personal data based on consent when conducting an interview with the applicant. CTRL also assumes the consent of an applicant for contacting the references if their names have been specified in the application documents.
    1. CTRL may also collect personal data from the references of an applicant. Depending on the applied position, CTRL may process data collected from references on the previous experience and skills, and personal characteristics of an applicant.
  5. With the separate consent of an applicant, CTRL may process the personal data of an applicant, based on his or her consent, in order to make future job offers to the applicant.
  6. CTRL shall forward the personal data of suitable applicants to employers looking for employees into their staff. The data protection conditions of each employer specify how the specific employer processes personal data in the course of its activity.
  7. CTRL may also collect personal data on an applicant from public information sources (internet communication environments, forums, public registers etc).
  8. The personal data of denied applicants shall be preserved by CTRL based on a legitimate interest for the settlement of potential legal disputes. With the separate consent of the denied applicant, CTRL may make job offers to the applicant in the future. CTRL preserves the personal data of applicants for up to two years after refusal.
  9. A data subject (applicant) means a natural person whose personal data is processed. A data subject has the right to:
    1. receive a confirmation on whether CTRL processes his or her personal data and inspect the personal data collected thereon;
    2. demand the amendment of incorrect personal data collected thereon or the supplementing of incomplete personal data;
    3. require CTRL, without undue delay, to delete his or her personal data for the processing of which CTRL has no longer legal grounds or which CTRL no longer needs for the purpose CTRL collected the data or processed the data in any other manner;
    4. withdraw his or her consent at any time if the processing of personal data is based on consent;
    5. require CTRL to restrict personal data processing if:
      1. the data subject has disputed the correctness of personal data;
      2. personal data processing is illegal but the data subject does not apply for deletion of personal data;
      3. CTRL no longer needs the personal data for the purpose of processing but the data subject needs it for the preparation, submission or protection of legal claims;
      4. the data subject has filed an objection concerning the processing of personal data.
    6. receive his or her personal data which he or she has submitted to CTRL and forward the data to another data controller;
    7. submit claims on the processing of his or her personal data if the basis for data processing is a legitimate interest or if the processing is necessary for the performance of public functions or due to public interest.
  10. In all issues relating to the processing of personal data and exercising the aforesaid rights, the data subject may turn to CTRL at the e-mail address: info@ctrl.ee.
  11. If the data subject finds that the manner in which CTRL processes his or her personal data is in conflict with the legislation, he or she has the right to turn to the Data Protection Inspectorate (e-mail: info@aki.ee, tel 627 4135) or another authority, above all a competent supervisory authority of his or her residence or workplace.